Saturday, 24 September 2011

Pagan Blanket

Yey! It's finished!
I'm fairly pleased with it, a few things I'd like to change. but all in all I think it's rather groovy. :)

I've been fairly busy recently so I haven't been able to convert my charts onto the computer yet, but as soon as I have I'll post them up.

As for the others....

The Pentacle can be found on my blog, HERE
The Cernunnos chart can be found HERE
The Tribal Sun can be found HERE
The Goddess can be found HERE
The 9 Circles Square (bottom left) is altered form THIS 

I can't recall the others, but when I do, I'll link to them :)

I've finally added the charts I drew for the seasons which can be found HERE


  1. New links to spiral sun motifs