Saturday, 24 September 2011

Pagan Blanket

Yey! It's finished!
I'm fairly pleased with it, a few things I'd like to change. but all in all I think it's rather groovy. :)

I've been fairly busy recently so I haven't been able to convert my charts onto the computer yet, but as soon as I have I'll post them up.

As for the others....

The Pentacle can be found on my blog, HERE
The Cernunnos chart can be found HERE
The Tribal Sun can be found HERE
The Goddess can be found HERE
The 9 Circles Square (bottom left) is altered form THIS 

I can't recall the others, but when I do, I'll link to them :)

I've finally added the charts I drew for the seasons which can be found HERE

Thursday, 15 September 2011

WIP Pagan Blanket

Nearly finished a pagan inspired blanket. Just the edging to complete. I'm also thinking of outlining the colour work, not made my mind up yet.
I've used quite a few freely available charts, which I'll link to once I upload the finished blanket.
There's a couple of squares I've designed myself (the seasons). I'll upload the finished charts ASAP!

I think it's safe to say that the blanket has Ginges approval...

Once it's done I'll note down as many points as possible, as a lot of the stitches were chosen for specific reasons & of course link to where I found the charts etc.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Crochet Goddess Doll Pattern

This is a simple design that can be left plain like the above image or easily decorated. It’s up to you. I originally wrote the design with children in mind. I think the arms are perfect to use as a handle, but it can easily be made for adults. Think of what it is going to be used for. It can be used like a poppet to represent a person or a specfic Goddess, an element, in a ritual,  etc.
Go with what feels right & let your imagination soar!

This pattern is written in UK terminology

Sl st – slip stitch                                                     

Ch – chain

Dc – Double crochet   (sc in US terminology)

Inc – Increase (2dc into 1 stitch)

Dec – Decrease (2 dc’s stitched together)

Gauge/hook size not important.



Darning needle

(*Stuff as you crochet...the more the better as it will help retain the shape of the doll. It will be quite firm.* )

Start of head

Rnd 1: Starting with the head, 7dc into a magic ring. Sl st together. Ch1. End all rounds in this way.

Rnd 2: inc into each st around. (14)

Rnd 3: dc, inc. Repeat round. (21)

Rnd 4: 2 dc, inc. Repeat around (28)

Rnd 5: dc in each st around. (28)

Rnd 6: 3 dc, inc . Repeat around. (35)

Rnd 7-10: dc in each st around. (35)

Rnd 11: 3dc, dec. Repeat around. (28)

Rnd 12: dc in each st around. (28)

Rnd 13: 2dc, dec. Repeat around. (21)

Rnd 14: dc, dec. Repeat around. (14)

Rnd 15: dec in each st around (7)

Stuff  tightly.

Start of torso

Rnd16: inc into each st around. (14)

Rnd 17: dc, inc. Repeat around. (21)

Rnd 18: 2 dc, inc. Repeat around (28)

Rnd 19: dc around (28)

Rnd 20: 3dc, inc. Repeat around. (35)

Rnd 21-25: dc around (35)

Rnd 26: 3dc, dec. Repeat around. (28)

Rnd 27: dc around. (28)

Rnd 28-29: 2dc, dec. Repeat around. (16)

Stuff tightly

Start of bottom

Rnd 30: inc into each st around.(32)

Rnd 31: 3dc into single st, 1dc in next st. Repeat around. (64) 

Rnd 32-39: dc around. (64)

Rnd 40: 6dc, dec. Repeat around. (56)

Rnd 41: dc around. (56)

Rnd 42: 8dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (50)

Rnd 43: 7dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (44)

Rnd 44: 6dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (38)

Rnd 45: 5dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (32)

Rnd 46: 4dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (26)

Rnd 47: 3dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (20)

Rnd 48: 2dc, dec around. (14)

Stuff tightly.

Rnd 49: 2dc, dec. Repeat around. (7)

Rnd 50: dc, dec. Repeat around. Dc in last dc. (5)

Rnd 51:dec around until bottom is closed. Fasten off securely leaving a length of wool. By pulling on this it will help shape the bottom. Weave into the bottom.


Ch 60.

Dc in each st for 12 rows.

Whip stitch sides together.

Stuff tightly. Use plenty of stuffing. The more the better.  Use a knitting needle/pencil to push the stuffing into the crocheted tube.

Position the end of the arms two rows down from the neck, making a curved arch over the head.

(This could easily be altered so the arms are facing down, making a embracing position.)

·         Optional extras

  •      Herbs – these can be placed in with the stuffing
  •      Embellishments -Some suggestions
  • Shells for water
  • Feathers for air
  • Flowers for earth
  • Red beads/sequins for fire
  • Silver/white glitter for the spirit.     Use a colour of wool to correspond to a specific element.  
  • Fill a small lidded tub (such as a Kinder Egg) with beads, rice etc. Glue round the lid & place in doll while stuffing to create a rattle
  •     Thread beads onto wool before you crochet. Slip a bead into each stitch for a round, to create a necklace of beads. Stitched on beads have a tenacity of coming loose. Not good if you plan to give the doll to a child. This way the beads will only come off if the beads break.
  • Stitch on sigils, runes etc

PLEASE do NOT sell this pattern. You are free to sell the completed dolls. If this is seen for sale anywhere please report the seller & let me know. Thank you .

I would LOVE to see any dolls hooked up, so if you make one (or more) please take a picture & I'll happily add it here to share with others. :)

If there are any problems with the pattern (mistakes etc) feel free to leave a comment & I'll do my best to help you out!

***EDIT 27-01/2016***
A massive thank you to Megan Torres for helping me with rds 31 & 40 I owe you one :)

***EDIT 18-05/2018***
PDF can be accessed at