Friday, 9 September 2011

Crochet Goddess Doll Pattern

This is a simple design that can be left plain like the above image or easily decorated. It’s up to you. I originally wrote the design with children in mind. I think the arms are perfect to use as a handle, but it can easily be made for adults. Think of what it is going to be used for. It can be used like a poppet to represent a person or a specfic Goddess, an element, in a ritual,  etc.
Go with what feels right & let your imagination soar!

This pattern is written in UK terminology

Sl st – slip stitch                                                     

Ch – chain

Dc – Double crochet   (sc in US terminology)

Inc – Increase (2dc into 1 stitch)

Dec – Decrease (2 dc’s stitched together)

Gauge/hook size not important.



Darning needle

(*Stuff as you crochet...the more the better as it will help retain the shape of the doll. It will be quite firm.* )

Start of head

Rnd 1: Starting with the head, 7dc into a magic ring. Sl st together. Ch1. End all rounds in this way.

Rnd 2: inc into each st around. (14)

Rnd 3: dc, inc. Repeat round. (21)

Rnd 4: 2 dc, inc. Repeat around (28)

Rnd 5: dc in each st around. (28)

Rnd 6: 3 dc, inc . Repeat around. (35)

Rnd 7-10: dc in each st around. (35)

Rnd 11: 3dc, dec. Repeat around. (28)

Rnd 12: dc in each st around. (28)

Rnd 13: 2dc, dec. Repeat around. (21)

Rnd 14: dc, dec. Repeat around. (14)

Rnd 15: dec in each st around (7)

Stuff  tightly.

Start of torso

Rnd16: inc into each st around. (14)

Rnd 17: dc, inc. Repeat around. (21)

Rnd 18: 2 dc, inc. Repeat around (28)

Rnd 19: dc around (28)

Rnd 20: 3dc, inc. Repeat around. (35)

Rnd 21-25: dc around (35)

Rnd 26: 3dc, dec. Repeat around. (28)

Rnd 27: dc around. (28)

Rnd 28-29: 2dc, dec. Repeat around. (16)

Stuff tightly

Start of bottom

Rnd 30: inc into each st around.(32)

Rnd 31: 3dc into single st, 1dc in next st. Repeat around. (64) 

Rnd 32-39: dc around. (64)

Rnd 40: 6dc, dec. Repeat around. (56)

Rnd 41: dc around. (56)

Rnd 42: 8dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (50)

Rnd 43: 7dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (44)

Rnd 44: 6dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (38)

Rnd 45: 5dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (32)

Rnd 46: 4dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (26)

Rnd 47: 3dc, dec around. Dc in last 2dc. (20)

Rnd 48: 2dc, dec around. (14)

Stuff tightly.

Rnd 49: 2dc, dec. Repeat around. (7)

Rnd 50: dc, dec. Repeat around. Dc in last dc. (5)

Rnd 51:dec around until bottom is closed. Fasten off securely leaving a length of wool. By pulling on this it will help shape the bottom. Weave into the bottom.


Ch 60.

Dc in each st for 12 rows.

Whip stitch sides together.

Stuff tightly. Use plenty of stuffing. The more the better.  Use a knitting needle/pencil to push the stuffing into the crocheted tube.

Position the end of the arms two rows down from the neck, making a curved arch over the head.

(This could easily be altered so the arms are facing down, making a embracing position.)

·         Optional extras

  •      Herbs – these can be placed in with the stuffing
  •      Embellishments -Some suggestions
  • Shells for water
  • Feathers for air
  • Flowers for earth
  • Red beads/sequins for fire
  • Silver/white glitter for the spirit.     Use a colour of wool to correspond to a specific element.  
  • Fill a small lidded tub (such as a Kinder Egg) with beads, rice etc. Glue round the lid & place in doll while stuffing to create a rattle
  •     Thread beads onto wool before you crochet. Slip a bead into each stitch for a round, to create a necklace of beads. Stitched on beads have a tenacity of coming loose. Not good if you plan to give the doll to a child. This way the beads will only come off if the beads break.
  • Stitch on sigils, runes etc

PLEASE do NOT sell this pattern. You are free to sell the completed dolls. If this is seen for sale anywhere please report the seller & let me know. Thank you .

I would LOVE to see any dolls hooked up, so if you make one (or more) please take a picture & I'll happily add it here to share with others. :)

If there are any problems with the pattern (mistakes etc) feel free to leave a comment & I'll do my best to help you out!

***EDIT 27-01/2016***
A massive thank you to Megan Torres for helping me with rds 31 & 40 I owe you one :)

***EDIT 18-05/2018***
PDF can be accessed at


  1. This is awesome! I have wanted to try to make something ilke this for years, but I could never figure out the arms. Thank you so much. I am going to make a TON of them for my witchy friends for halloween. Thanks again!!!

  2. This is a fabulous pattern! I have a sister who is Wiccan and this is going to be the perfect gift for her. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Thanks folks.
    If you have any problems just let me know!
    Would love to see your finished dolls :)

  4. Wow!
    Thanks for sharing this!
    I love it. :)

  5. Hi there....This pattern is beautiful, but I'm a novice, and I'm having a little difficulty with row 30. When you say inc 3, dc, you mean increase 3 into one stitch or increase into 3 stitches? Thanks very much for your help, and for sharing :)

  6. Hi!
    I'm so sorry for the delay getting back to has been hectic!
    You're right first time...3 stitches into one stitch! That way you get a really pronounced curve to the doll.
    Hope that helps :)

    1. This is where I was stuck also, thank you for the pattern. I'm making it for my Wiccan sister also

  7. thanks very much....also, would it be possible to provide a stitch count? I seem to have a few extra stitches on row 29 that I'm not sure what to do with. Again...thanks :)

  8. A couple of folk have mentioned adding a stitch count. As soon as I hook another doll up I'll edit the pattern to include a count.
    (I can't seem to count the stitches on the doll to save my life for some reason)
    Leave it with me.....

  9. Hi. I just found this pattern, and I'm having trouble with round 31. If I do it as 3 dc inc,1 dc, I get 64 stitches around. From a previous comment I take it to understand that it means 3 dc in 1 stitch, correct? I guess I'm having trouble on how to do it. I end up with way more stitches than I should have.

  10. Thanks for letting me know, I've been struggling to come up with a stitch count as I very rarely count my stitch's with anything I make particularly amigurumi.
    My boyfriend came up with a computer programme to count to the stitches for me, which I automatically put right in, but having a quick look & count I've come up with 64 too! :s
    I'll get back on it & try to work it out.
    I'm so sorry, this stitch count is being a real pain!

    *note to self* when writing a pattern, count the stitches as you go!

  11. Oky dok, fingers crossed it's fixed now.
    let me know if not & I'll have another look.
    Thanks for all the input everyone :)

  12. Ok. Thank you. I rarely count stitches either, so I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. I'm glad that it was just a stitch count problem. Thanks again.

  13. Just got mine done. It's really cute. I crocheted a strand of elemental beads as a necklace. My little one won't quit playing with it. Thanks for the pattern.

  14. Hey! Can't wait to try this pattern, thank you sooo much for sharing! I have just blogged today about crocheted Goddesses with some pictures of ones I've made, come along and have a look, I'd love your opinion :) Bright blessings!! )O(

  15. Hello. Thank you for this wonderful, easy pattern. I made this, starting it when I was celebrating my moontime last week, and finishing it off this evening. I needle felted a triple moon symbol onto her belly, as mine is meant to represent Brigid. She's coloured red and has lavender flowers mixed in with her stuffing. I'm really pleased with her and can't wait to make another!


  16. Thank you so so much. I wanted to send a friend something special and this is it!!! I made mine in one night!! Easy quick and cute... sending you a beautiful day . H x

  17. Hey, thanks again ... I have made two of these little lovelies. One for my mate Mo and another one for my son who is in a treatment centre.. Hygeia the goddess of health.

    Thanks again x

  18. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing such a lovely pattern. I've made two, one of which I gave to my son in hospital .. the next day they said that he could be discharged by the end of the month!! And the other to my pal in Scotland... Again thanks for making me believe in the power of healing again.. sending you a beautiful day.. helen w in cardiff

  19. I'm really glad so many of you are finding the pattern useful!
    Makes me all warm & fuzzy to know there are so many Goddess Dolls being created around the world & being cherished :)

    Thank you for all the feedback!

    I'll have to try & come up with a new design for you guys to try!

  20. Hi there I seem to be stuck on row 40 do I decrease every 10 dc or ever 6? I'm not sure how to get from 64 to 56 dc. Fabulous pattern though I am really excited to see the finished Goddess :D

    1. Glad you're liking the pattern :)

      double crochet stitch (or single crochet stitch if you're american) for 10 stitches then decrease. Then repeat.

      Hope that helps.

    2. Unfortunately, if you have 64 stitches and decrease every 11th one,(10 then dec), you don't end up with 56, you end up with 59 and this throws the rest off.

  21. are these actually double crochets? or single crochet stitches?? haha I made it in double crochets omg I am so bad at reading patterns.

    1. In UK terminology yes it's made with double crochet stitches.
      However if you're American use the single crochet stitch.

      Exactly the same, just a different name :)

  22. I can't wait to make this! Thanks a bunch for sharing the pattern!

  23. Love it cant wait to try to make it . Good luck . Blessed Be

  24. I too am having problems with rnd 40. I dc(sc US) for 10 st. then I dec. I come up with 4st left over and the st count is more than 56.

  25. Thank you very much for this pattern. I'm going to make one for the coven as a surprise gift for all of them and I'm sure they will enjoy it. When I finnish it I will come back and link you a photo.
    Once again, thank you.

  26. Round 40 should read: dc 6, dec. Repeat around

  27. This pattern does NOT to be exact. You have a few more stitches? Do a few more decreases in the next round. Not enough stitches, then not so many decreases in the next round.
    It's not the end of the world!!

    I'm sorry if I'm coming across as rude, but I've tried SO many times to get the EXACT stitch count for you all, but I'm never right am I.
    So I'm seriously considering deleting this post altogether......

    1. Dont delete it, its wonderful and ppl will eventually figure it out. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  28. There were a bunch of comments that I accidentally deleted :(
    Thank you to those that left me feedback. I appreciate it.
    I'll keep the pattern up :)

  29. Hello Mam,
    I really like this pattern and would like to create a few of these as ritual dolls. I am stuck on one part of the pattern tho. I can only read US terminology so I simply googled a chart to convert everything for me. I do not understand the increase and decrease. Decrease 2DC stitched together? What does this look like? How can it be any closer than 2 DC in one stitch?

    Thank you so much for anyone's help:)

  30. Thankyou for your pattern, I think that it is very beautiful in its simplicity. I will try and send you a picture once I have completed it. I needed the help of my son today to find your site as I am not very into computers but I LOVE crochet and do a bit of designing myself , especially dragons. I am presently learning to machine sew and was looking for pagan applique patterns for a cushion that I am working on when I came across your site by accident so that was a happy accident. I have a blog somewhere, I haven't written on it for ages, I think that it is called Red's adventures in crochet. Seeing yours has made me think that I should update it by adding some of my more recent creations. Anyway, thanks again. Red

  31. thnx for this pattern, <3 from belgium

  32. I for one REALLY appreciate you posting this! I can't wait to try it and I promise not to come back and criticize for something you posted out of kindness. Love & Light )0(

  33. Thank you so much for this pattern. I am gonna crochet one for everyone in my spiritual circle. I know it is a lot of work but I am confidant I can do it. Would you mind if I altered the arms to be selected but just barely touching so they can dress the dolls as they please? >^..^<

    1. Of course not. It was made to be a starting point & to be adapted! :)
      Would love to see what you come up with :)

  34. I love this. I have wanted a goddess pattern to crochet for a while. Thank you for sharing!

  35. What size hook was used for this pattern?

    1. Hi, I used 3.5mm hook, but any size would work :)

  36. Do you think a step by step video could be done. I got the head done and it is long from top to bottom.

  37. Hi, thanks for your pattern, I translated in Italian and added it as FREE download in my page, here:!/~/product/category=8793069&id=34405386

    Of course there is a link to your blog in the page and in the PDF too.
    I fixed some "stitch count problems" and... I love the doll. Thanks for sharing your pattern!!!

  38. Thank you so much! You are kind to share your talent with us :) Blessed Be! )O(

  39. Merry Meet from Scotland

    Stumbled on this site from Pinterest. Lovely site and thank you for it.

  40. For those that are exact count kind of people, I have just done this pattern. To sum up the helpful comments.
    For round 31: if you do
    [3 SC into 1 stitch, 1 SC in Next] repeat

    You will get 64. It is a 3 stitch increase, instead of the normal 2 stitch

    For round 40:
    [6 SC, Decrease ] and you will get 56

    This pattern is awesome, I'm glad you kept it up. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for this. I will add it to the pattern.
      You're a star. Thanks again.

  41. Hello my dear, I just had to share this on Facebook. I added a little more to the doll and also used a few of your insert ideas. Thank you for the base pattern. Blessings to you )O(

  42. Thank you Luv for this brilliant pattern, it is much appreciated by me. xxx

  43. Thank you luv for this wonderful pattern, I am very grateful for your sharing it. xx

  44. This is beautiful thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  45. This is fantastic! I'm a novice crocheter and I was able to figure this pattern out much easier than other ones(I just started learning to read and do patterns).

    I absolutely adore this template and I'm making some for Samhain. I also love that you have suggestions for customizing because I wouldn't have known where to start.

    I'll try to remember to come back and post pictures for you :)

  46. I, too, distract myself from depression with crochet and bead crochet. A heartfelt thank you for sharing your goddess pattern. Wishing you many bright blessings.

  47. I am so looking forward to making this (with added Earth elemental extras) for my nature loving sister. I just wanted to say thank you for offering it for free and I also wanted you to know that I found it for sale on Etsy! I saw your note asking to be made aware if we see it anywhere, so I thought I'd include the link so you can handle that however you see fit. Thank you again for great idea and pattern!

    1. Thank you for your concern, but it appears to be slighty different and not just a copy & paste.
      I hope you find my pattern easy to follow and that your sister enjoys her doll.

  48. After so long thank you for keeping this up. I was looking for hours for one and kept coming back to yours. Stitch count? Puth! Wing it the basics are here and great. Thank you for your time

  49. Loved this pattern thank ou so much for posting.