Monday, 31 August 2009

Urban Fairies

I was going through some of the blogs I read regularly when at Domestic Witch's blog she had posted about the fairy doors around Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I remember coming across this site a while back & LOVE it!

I adore the interaction...check out the droppings! Not only beautiful to look at but helping charity too!
& you've got to love how they really tickle the inner child in us. I'm disappointed that quite a few had be vandalised...some people have NO heart, but the fairies are tenacious, soon fixing and rebuilding their homes.....

Aren't they awesome!!

But you know it's not just America that have fairies, we have some in the UK too
I have 2 that have taken up residence in my flat. They don't seem to mind the cat or the badly painted walls

Monday, 24 August 2009

Creativity Breakthrough

On a much happier note, I finally got my work from an exhibition back today plus a cheque! With the center closing, reopened in another center without me being told, & just day to day life, I didn't get round to picking my work or poster up!
Doesn't it look great as a poster! :)
The cheque was from Breakthough, who used a piece of my work in their first issue of their magazine "Reflections". The letter attached to the cheque even says "keen to recieve more of your work....both table book"!!!! *little happy dance*
Ok it's only £20, but it's a start & gets my name out there. Look at me a published artist!! LOL!

I'm SOOOOO freakin' proud of that little photocopy....I can see it keeping me going when I want to throw the brushes in!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Rose Garden Zills Pouch

A new crochet creation. I've been meaning to make this for AGES & finally got round to it today. I love it :)
The pattern can be found HERE at Crochet Kittens brillant site. She has some AWESOME free patterns available. I've made quite a few, just haven't gotten around to lining them. Once I do I'll upload some pics!

Friday, 21 August 2009

List of Symptoms Leading to Relapse

This was posted at a forum I go on now & again for those with mental health problems called Journey Towards Freedom. (JTF)
I believe to stay healthy you have to be realistic & recognise any signs of becoming ill again. If you are able to spot them quickly you can nip it on the head before it gets too over whelming. It's something I do regularly....observing my actions & thoughts, ensuring that I'm ok & not getting ill.

List of Symptoms Leading to Relapse

1. Exhaustion - Allowing yourself to become overly tired. Not following through on self-care behaviours of adequate rest, good nutrition, and regular exercise. Good physical health is a good component of emotional health. How you feel will be reflected in your thinking and judgment.

2. Dishonesty - It begins with a pattern of small, unnecessary lies with those you interact with in family, socially, and at work. This is soon followed by lying to yourself or rationalizing and making excuses for avoiding working your program.

3. Impatience - Things are not happening fast enough for you. Or, others are not doing what you want them to do or think they should do.

4. Argumentative - Arguing small insignificant points which indicate a need to be right. This is sometimes seen as developing an excuse to drink.

5. Depression - Overwhelming and unaccountable despair may occur in cycle. If it does, talk about it and deal with it. You are responsible for taking care of yourself.

6. Frustration - With people and because things may not being going your way. Remind yourself intermittently that things are not always going to be the way you want them.

7. Self-Pity - Feeling like a victim, refusing knowledge that you have choices and are responsible for your own life and the quality of it.

8. Cockiness - "Got it made". Compulsive behaviour is no longer a problem. Start putting self in situations where there are temptations to prove to others that you don't have a problem.

9. Complacency - Not working your program with the commitment that you started with. Having a little fear is a good thing. More relapses occur when things are going well than when not.

10. Expecting Too Much From Others - "I've Changed, why hasn't everyone else changed too?" All that you control is yourself. It would be great if other people changed their self-destructive behaviours, but that is their problem. You have your own problems to monitor and deal with. You cannot expect others to change their lifestyle just because you have.

11. Letting Up On Discipline - Daily inventory, positive affirmations, 12-Step meetings, therapy, meditation, prayer. This can come from complacency and boredom. Because you cannot afford to be bored with your program, take responsibility to talk about it and problem solve it. The cost of relapse is too great. Sometimes you must accept that you have to do some things that are the routine for a clean and sober life.

12. The Use of Mood-Altering Chemicals - You may feels the need or desire to get away from things by drinking, popping a few pills, etc., and your physician may participate in thinking that will be responsible and not abuse the medication. This is about the most subtle way to enter relapse. Take responsibility for your life and the choices that you make.

I've also found that becoming paranoid & insecure is a red flag for me relapsing.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Crochet Roses

I make these whenever I have an amount of wool that isn't really enough for anything. They're really easy, super quick & I think quite cute. It could be used for a finishing touch for a hat, bag, scarf etc or like I have in the photograph, like real flowers in a vase. If you use wire, like I did, for the stem you can twist the stem to just about anything. Let your imagination play! :)
Gauge, wool etc not important.
In UK terms
ch- chain
tr- treble
Rnd 1- tr into 4th ch from hook. (tr, ch, tr) in each ch across
Rnd 2- 3ch, tr, ch 2 tr into first ch space. (2tr, ch, 2tr) into each space across
Rnd 3- 3ch, 8tr into 1st ch space, 9tr into each space across
Fasten off
Starting at one end, roll the piece, stitching in place as you roll.

To make a wire stem
For a stem I used a length of green garden wireYou can buy this really cheaply in a roll at any garden or household shop
Cut a long length & fold in half. Push both ends through the flower so the bend is hidden in the flower. Twist the wire a few times to secure in place. Take one of the two pieces of wire & bend in half to make a leaf. Twist the remaining wire together

***This pattern cannot be sold. For personnal use only.***
If there are any problems or mistakes within the pattern please let me know & I'll change or help you out ASAP.
If you make this, please send me a link to a photo of your finished flower. It would be cool to see what you all come up with :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Weddings, Birthdays, Kittens & Crochet!

Jeez I haven't updated in AGES!!
My head has been in such a hectic state recently....

I started & completed a couselling course, just looking for somewhere to do lvl2 & above.

But the main thing was my fella birthday & his best friends wedding (which were on the same day!), & my brothers 21st birthday which is today! Running about trying to get pressies etc with a limited fund is tricky!

Anyway, the wedding was lovely. I don't know how I managed not to cry. I welled up quite a few times during the ceremony. It was so romantic. I think it's because they had been planning the wedding since I first met them & I knew how important it was to the two of them.

Don't they look great!
Plus my fella looked so handsome, but then again he's always gorgeous! <3

I made this for one of my fella birthday presents.
I designed the writing myself.Xbox controller can be found HERE
The space invaders can be found HERE
Pacman can be found HERE ( I did alter them a bit)

He also got a new kitten that he named Loki.It a brillant photo of him isn't it! He is very cute....I think he looks a bit like a Gremlin from "Gremlins"! LOL

& of course I've been crocheting. I've joined a swap on Flikr & made a octopus ami for my partner. I'm currently trying to write the pattern out. Once I do I'll add it here for you guys.

Besides from that I made this cute jellyfish. The pattern can be found HERE.

I did change the pattern slightly. For the ruffle I crocheted 3 trebles into each stitch.

I made this cute little fella. I think the variated wool really added to the effect.
& this table center piece. As soon as I saw the pattern I knew I had to hook it I just need a place for it!

& last but not least HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my brother! Hope you're having a GREAT day bro!
He's met SO many famous faces (*jealous sulk*) here's him with the hilarious Hardeep Singh Kohli.