Tuesday, 1 December 2009

3D Interactive Art

Another uni module over! Way-hey!

Hopefully I'll get a decent grade. I was planning on sharing my process with you all, but I never get round to it, so I'll do a quick summary!

I was at first inspired by Resurrection Ferns crochet covered stones, so had a play around with that (I did a few rough, uneven stones to make a contrast of textures, but lord knows where I've put them! I couldn't even find them to hand in for me final day!! Doh!)

I decided to make the pebbles out of air dry clay (I couldn't find any pebbles I wanted, I live in a town so it was difficult. I ended up going to a garden center & buy a sack full, I have one or two left... :/).

I came up with the idea of writing on the stones & leaving messages.....
That idea reminded me of cairns & standing stones, so decided to go down that route...

I don't know if you can see it very well in the photo , but I came up with the idea of having a spiral going over a cairn, to represent energy. Like a Cone of Power.

I went down to the workshop & spiralled a very long, thick piece of metal rod. As I carried it back to the classroom & though, "hey, this would be awesome hanging up, upside down!"

So I went with that. Thinking what a spiral of energy coming from above could represent I thought "Drawing Down The Moon"!

I was on a roll! I wrapped the metal rod with thinner wire & beading wire & some beads to represent energy I thought well there are 8 moons in a a cycle (full, waning, waxing etc etc) & I decided to add 8 crocheted covered stones to represent the moon, using silver thread to show lunar power grounding. A bit new age-y I know.....

& this was the outcome!

(There's a small stone, wire play piece in the background)

If I had, had more time I would of liked it to have turned & placed somewhere, where the viewer could stand underneath it....

Ginge is doing much better. Thanks to everyone who asked after him & sent their love.

There's nothing left to see of the abscess, only a bald spot. His fur is starting to grow back, but his face still looks a little uneven, not that it's effected his cockiness & pride!
As you can see he's still loving the camera....look at him trying to act like he doesn't know he's having his picture taken....I see those eyes! LOL!

Now uni is done for the year, hopefully I'll be a bit more active & you'll see me here a bit more.....well only if I survive Christmas shopping *shudder*


  1. Oh cool idea. remember pet rocks lol.
    love your Mascot (Cat) lol

  2. Hi Sooticas,

    I love the luna feeling of the piece. I am into the moon and spirals. It works very well here.

    I hope to hear from you more once you have the time.

    Hugs, Euphoria

  3. I never had a pet rock (tho I had friends that did! LOL)

    Thanks Euphoria, glad you think so, I hop emy lecturers thought so too!