Friday, 13 November 2009

Herbs & Crystals

I came across this info at & thought it was really useful so thought i'd share it.

Magical Herbs
•Acacia: protects against psychic attack
Agrimony: useful for returning harmful energy to its original source
Basil: warns off negative magic
Black thorn: reverses a spell
Cayenne: returns negative energy to its source
Coffee: neutralizes harmful magic
Dragon's Blood resin: protection
Hyssop: purification and defensive magic
Mugwort: protects against astral attack, or psychic attack in dreams
Patchouli: returns harmful magic
Solomon's Seal: protects against negative energy
•St. John's Wort: purifies and protects against psychic attack
•Vetivert: use to break a hex or curse
•Wormwood: use in uncrossing rituals, to remove hexes or curses upon you
•Yarrow: psychic protection
•Yucca: prevents attack via sympathetic magic

Crystals and Gemstones
•Amber: protects against psychic attack
•Amethyst: protects from negative energy
•Black onyx: protects against harmful magic
•Fire agate: for protection of the aura
•Hematite: use for protection of home and property, as well as to fend off psychic attack
•Malachite: repels hostile magical attacks
•Obsidian: provides protective energies
•Quartz: use to protect yourself from hexes or curses
•Ruby: use to defend against magical attacks related to emotions
•Selenite: for shielding against negative outside influences


  1. So you fight demons with the power of demons. All magic and crystals use the power of demons.

    1. Heres a little advice: Go fuck yourself.

  2. Rubbish! Stop being paranoid & leaving spam on my blog!

  3. I hope this helps me. My girlfriend and I used sage, candles and prayers to kick a demon out of our apartment, but now it is banging on the windows at night and we are terrified

    1. I hope so, but it does sound like maybe you need to contact a professional exorcist.
      I have no experience of demons but I have been told that you have to stay strong, never back down for a second. Don't ever doubt yourself .....but as I've already said, it sounds like you need the help of a professional.
      Whatever you choose to do, good luck!

  4. Fallen angels and demons are deceiving you.
    All your sorcery and witchcraft cannot rid you or anyone of demonic possession. You're fighting demons with demons, and they laugh at your expense.

    Receive Jesus into your heart, allow his blood to cleanse you of your sins, turn to god, resist these demons and they will flee from you if you are filled with the holy spirit and protected by the Son of God.

    REBUKE those demons in the name of JESUS!!

    1. You know I actively work against Christian bashing within society where I can. If you actually read my blog & not just this one post, you'd know that.
      If I hear anyone start on about Christianity & jump in to Christianity's defense. I vocally back their right to wear crosses & to not feel in fear when stating their faith to others.....however people like you make that difficult.

      I do NOT force my beliefs (& NEVER will) on to anyone. I have NEVER stated that the path I walk is the one true path & that everyone else is wrong.

      At the end of the day, you & I are seeking the same goal, a closeness, a connection with the divine, that Higher Power. It is just that we are travelling to that same destination, but from different origins so of course our journeys are going to differ.
      That's what makes the human race so amazing....the differences!

      Have you ever taken a Paracetamol? Then you have used herbalism (it comes from Willow Bark). Many plasters that you buy over the counter contains silver, as silver kills bacteria. Copper & magnet bracelets are used for travel sickness & arthritis.
      The use of natural resources is part of our daily life. Some of it can be repeated under scientific conditions & is then called science &/or medicine. That is what medicine is. Something that can be repeated under scientific conditions with the same outcome. Alternative medicine (reflexology, herbalism, aromatherapy, crystals, etc etc) is medicine that can not be repeated with the same effects under scientific conditions. That doesn't mean it doesn't work, it just can't be proven....once upon a time we believed that PMS was down to the womb literally moving around the body!

      Now if these things can help on the physical body, why can they not help with the spiritual? Why wouldn't God give us the ability to defend ourselves against any negative or evil forces. Maybe he/she/it would prefer it if we took responsibility & looked after ourselves instead of calling him/her/it/them every time things screw up or got difficult?
      Don't you think that's a possibility?

      I know your Faith entails spreading the word of God, but PLEASE show some respect to those of us that are showing respect towards yours.
      If I am wrong in MY spiritual beliefs, then on judgement day I will be the first to hold my hands up, say I was wrong & accept the consequences.
      However I feel that I am not wrong & therefore will continue living my life & walking the path that I do. This is how I feel closer & connect with that Higher Power. You have your way & I have mine & I will never stand in your way of your path.
      I respect & care for you too much as a fellow human being, to hinder your connection with God. It is not my place to tell you, how YOU should speak to God. It's also not your place to do so either.

      It is VERY clear that this is a Pagan blog, PLEASE if you do not agree with Paganism etc DON'T READ IT, click on to the next page.
      I don't go round Christian blogs trolling the comments.
      Life is complicated enough without negativity from strangers.
      This world is beautiful,amazing & big enough for us ALL to live side by side, regardless of faith systems (or lack of in some cases).

      It would be too easy to get on my high horse & start ripping you down, but that's not me. All I ask is that you stop hating & jumping to conclusions about Paganism. Educate yourself on the Pagan path (& no I don't mean become Pagan, just get an understanding of it) & spread some love instead.

      Be healthy, be loved & be happy

    2. Before I used to be intersted in the; same, herbs , crystals, wicca,spells to fight off "negative power" and what it did was the opposite it attracted more demons my way. After years of demonic oppression I was desperate and begged God to help me and he lead me to a true belief in jesus and in the bible God commands us not to do magic and pagan rituals but only to call on God's help. We have to rely on the bible (the word of God) to find answers and true help. I do not mean to bash at all but I am speaking from experience. With the help of God I am no longer tormented but I live in peace. Please know that I say this with love.

    3. Witchcraft is not evil. I struggle to understand why a Pagan can't use crystals/herbs & believe in God all at the same time, which is what you both imply, as I am such a Pagan. Witchcraft can rid you of demonic possession, but it cannot be learned from books. Do not preach the Bible as it has been edited millions of times. Find your own spirituality, if that is Christianity then fair enough, but do not put your religion on others as it is not your place to do so - I also speak from experience.

  5. PLEASE STOP!!!!
    I have had enough.
    This is CLEARLY a Pagan blog, DO NOT read or comment if you don't agree with MY faith.
    Just agree to disagree & move on!
    You may mean well, but you come across as patronizing & insulting. What makes your experience more important & meaningful than mine???
    You think I'm not intelligent enough, experienced in life enough, to know what is right for MY spiritual growth?
    I know MY faith & what is right for ME.
    I am in NO way shape or form "tormented".
    I do NOT insult Christians by going on to THEIR blogs & trying to convert or make out that their faith is wrong or any less strong or as important than mine. Which exactly what you are doing. It's simple, downright bad manners.
    Stick to the Christian blogs, forums etc & leave the obvious Pagan ones alone.

    Oh & BTW...I'm NOT Wiccan. At least know what you're commenting on before you comment.
    If you loved me, like you say, you would ACCEPT me.

    I will now be changing the settings of this blog so that comments will not appear without approval from myself. I will no longer allow these sort of "anti-Pagan" comments to appear.


  6. I totally agree with you because I am a beginer wicca witch and anyone who believes something else is accepted but as his or her comments not affect us

  7. I agree with you totally & I am a spiritualist.But I understand that gemstones & crystals have been used by Moses brother Aaron on his breastplate & it was instructed to Aaron to do so by "the higher power" & I dont believe if gemstones & crystals were "evil" "the higher power" wouldnt tell the high priest @ that time to use it.I own 3 crystals/gemstones.A critrine,chalcedony,& a lemurian seed crystal.His probably didnt work for him cause he was closed minded upon recieveing them & if you dont believe.It wont work for you.