Friday, 21 August 2009

List of Symptoms Leading to Relapse

This was posted at a forum I go on now & again for those with mental health problems called Journey Towards Freedom. (JTF)
I believe to stay healthy you have to be realistic & recognise any signs of becoming ill again. If you are able to spot them quickly you can nip it on the head before it gets too over whelming. It's something I do regularly....observing my actions & thoughts, ensuring that I'm ok & not getting ill.

List of Symptoms Leading to Relapse

1. Exhaustion - Allowing yourself to become overly tired. Not following through on self-care behaviours of adequate rest, good nutrition, and regular exercise. Good physical health is a good component of emotional health. How you feel will be reflected in your thinking and judgment.

2. Dishonesty - It begins with a pattern of small, unnecessary lies with those you interact with in family, socially, and at work. This is soon followed by lying to yourself or rationalizing and making excuses for avoiding working your program.

3. Impatience - Things are not happening fast enough for you. Or, others are not doing what you want them to do or think they should do.

4. Argumentative - Arguing small insignificant points which indicate a need to be right. This is sometimes seen as developing an excuse to drink.

5. Depression - Overwhelming and unaccountable despair may occur in cycle. If it does, talk about it and deal with it. You are responsible for taking care of yourself.

6. Frustration - With people and because things may not being going your way. Remind yourself intermittently that things are not always going to be the way you want them.

7. Self-Pity - Feeling like a victim, refusing knowledge that you have choices and are responsible for your own life and the quality of it.

8. Cockiness - "Got it made". Compulsive behaviour is no longer a problem. Start putting self in situations where there are temptations to prove to others that you don't have a problem.

9. Complacency - Not working your program with the commitment that you started with. Having a little fear is a good thing. More relapses occur when things are going well than when not.

10. Expecting Too Much From Others - "I've Changed, why hasn't everyone else changed too?" All that you control is yourself. It would be great if other people changed their self-destructive behaviours, but that is their problem. You have your own problems to monitor and deal with. You cannot expect others to change their lifestyle just because you have.

11. Letting Up On Discipline - Daily inventory, positive affirmations, 12-Step meetings, therapy, meditation, prayer. This can come from complacency and boredom. Because you cannot afford to be bored with your program, take responsibility to talk about it and problem solve it. The cost of relapse is too great. Sometimes you must accept that you have to do some things that are the routine for a clean and sober life.

12. The Use of Mood-Altering Chemicals - You may feels the need or desire to get away from things by drinking, popping a few pills, etc., and your physician may participate in thinking that will be responsible and not abuse the medication. This is about the most subtle way to enter relapse. Take responsibility for your life and the choices that you make.

I've also found that becoming paranoid & insecure is a red flag for me relapsing.

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  1. Hi Sooticas,

    This is something everyone should go over from time to time.

    Thank you.

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