Thursday, 22 January 2009

How well do we really know others?

Due some troubles I felt like I had to do something to try & resolve the problem. I believe it would be best to have some time before talking to or seeing them, as they do tend to react without thinking. Which they already have done.
Hopefully time will help them to understand just where I'm coming from & calm them down somewhat.
Anyway I decided to do a quick little spell casting. It could be coincidence, but it seems to have worked. I've had no communication with them what-so-ever since I cast it :)

Binding Spell
This spell will assist you in stopping one who means you harm.
You Will Need: A Black Candle
A Craft Knife
Black Thread

This spell is best performed on a dark moon.
Inscribe the candle with the name of the person or people who mean to harm you. If you do not have a name, inscribe a question mark. Take a very long piece of black thread and begin to wrap it around the candle, slowly repeating the following:

"Take them, bind them, round and round,
Stop them; gag them, free from sound.
I take the fire from the south,
And purge the evil from their mouth.
I take the hatred from their heart,
And there the seed of love doth start.
Until they come in gentle guise,
Remove this person from my eyes.
Bind them, wrap them, tie them tight,
Remove this person from my sight"
Continue until all the thread is wrapped around the candle. Now light the wick, place the candle in the bath and leave it to burn.
This spell should take effect within 48 hours.

It's a shame that it's come to this, I don't cast many spells, but the last thing I need is a screaming match in the middle of the street. It still surprises me how we little we know others, no matter how long we've known them.
I'm not actively looking to regain the friendship, they really hit below the belt in how they reacted. There was absolutely NO need to do what they did, & I really don't need the drama in my life, but an understanding would be good.
I understand why they would be angry & it would be nice if they could understand why I was so pissed off (which I feel was totally reasonable). If they had been in my shoes they would of done SO much more than what I did - get angry, moan & become very paranoid.

Never mind, I still have some fantastic friends & have THE most supportive family. In a round-a-bout way I'm glad it happened, as it showed me just how strongly certain family members feel for me. They became & still are acting very protectively & that is SO touching & makes me feel SO proud!
Life goes on & I'll make other friends......

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