Monday, 19 January 2009

Fauna Pagans

I just stumbled across this & HAD to post it!
I had a right old giggle!

I've bumped into a few "Fluffy Bunnies","Slippery Eels" (my least favourite Pagan folk) & "Wise Owls" in my time, but it looks like there are "Dark Fluffies" too!! ARGH!!!!

Makes me think of one of my all time favourite film scenes....

(Monty Python have to be the BEST!)

I think if I had to be categorised I think Id be a "Tenacious Turtle". I just get on with my own thing. My own life is difficult enough, I sure don't need to get muddled up in others
Makes me wonder what Fauna Pagans my friends have bumped into.......

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