Friday, 30 March 2012

Zill Mufflers Pattern

Sorry it's been a awhile since I last blogged, it's been a odd few energies have been up, down & all around!
The bellydance class I attend will be doing a zills dance for next term so I've spoiled myself with my own set of zills.
I'm totally in love with them, however, living in a flat I don't think my neighbors would be too happy with "ting ting-a-ting ting ting" at all hours so I decided to make some mufflers.
There are some really cute patterns for free out there including this gorgeous knitted set, but sadly my knitting skills aren't that great. That & the vast majority of patterns include elastic.
Well I don't have any elastic & I want to play now god dammit!!
So I've come up with a pattern that doesn't involve using any elastic.  Really quick. Really easy!

 Muffler untied.
Terminology (UK)

Video of how to magic circle here

Tr - Treble

Tr dec - treble decrease video example here

Sl st - slip stitch

Ch - Chain

Sp - space

sts - stitches


2.5mm hook

Sorry I don't know the size of thread, but I've included the ball of thread with a hook I used, above, so hopefully you can gauge roughly the size of thread.

My zills are 5.5cm, but I'm sure a slightly larger set could be fitted into the mufflers, if not simply go up a hook size until you get the right size :)

  1. Magic circle 
  2. Ch 3 (count as first tr). 14tr into circle & join to top of ch3 (15sts)
  3. Ch 3 (count as first tr). Tr dec into next 2 sts. . *Ch 5. Tr dec into next 3 sts.* Repeat from * around. Sl st together (5 points & 5 chains)
  4. Ch3 (count as first tr). 2 tr into base stitch of ch3. *5 tr into 5 ch sp, 3tr into top of 3tr dec.* Repeat from * round. Sl st together (40sts)
  5. Ch 3 (count as first tr). Tr into each tr of previous rnd. (20sts) Do NOT join. Ch 15 & tie off. If you join here you won't be able to fit it over your zill.

6.      Slip the zill into the muffler & weave the Ch15 into the first gap & tie closed. Any annoying tail can just be tucked in to the muffler or weaved through the gaps. Not as neat as using elastic I know, but it'll do!

7.      I'll more than likely do an elasticated version in the future (when I can afford to buy some elastic that is! lol), so keep an eye out!

8.      Like with all my patterns, I don't mind you selling what you make or sharing this pattern, just please do NOT sell this pattern & please give credit where credit is due. Thanks. :)

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