Sunday, 19 April 2009

Fox Totem

I was reminded of my totem animal last night. I think it's rather bizarre that it happens to be a fox & what do you call a male fox??? A Tod!!!!!! & what's my fellas name????
*whistles the Twilight Zone theme*
Anyway I thought I'd reread some articles about my totem & share them with you guys.....

Your native British totem animal is:
Fox - The fox can get by, wherever life has put him. He will show you how to adapt to the peculiarities of your own situation.
Life isn't easy for the fox - in the country there are those who would kill him as lief as look at him; in the cities he has to scavenge for a living.
But he sees life as an unquestionably worthwhile challenge, and will help you to do the same.


Stealthy messenger of the gods,
Cunning and wise, reliable friend,
Guide my steps through this maze of deception
And see this problem to its end.

Magic, Shapeshifting, Invisibility

Fox are seen as totems throughout the world:
the Chinese believed they could take human form,
in Egypt the fox brought favor from the gods,
there was a fox god in Peru,
foxes help the dead get to the next life in Persia,
Cherokees, Hopi other American Indian tribes
believed in its healing power;
the Apache credited the fox with giving man fire.

Since the fox lives "between times" --
on the edge of land, visible as dusk and dawn, and can guide the way to the Faerie Realm.

A fox can teach you to control your aura so that you can be more in harmony
with others and the world.

If you have a fox totem, learning to be invisible is very important in your life.
Imagine yourself blending in with your surroundings, becoming part of the background.
Be very still and quiet.
Through practice you can be unnoticed even at a party or in a crowd.

I have an acquaintance who used this power to evade several muggers;
he stood there in plain sight next to a building ,
and blended himself into the wall;
they did not see him and left without harming him. It can be done!

A fox totem also teaches good eating habits;
the fox eats small amounts frequently which medicine is now telling us is better for our health.
But fox people already knew this.

The fox is a wonderful totem to have
( )

Its brown summer coat helps render it invisible in the forest while its white wintry coat allows it to blend in with the snow. The fox is a very observant and fast animal, ready to take action at any time. Its power lies in its cleverness-for example, when leading its enemies astray.

Another characteristic is its concern for its family. People who possess the power of the fox are usually quiet observers and are skilled at remaining unnoticed. This means that they blend into their environment, moving around unnoticed in any kind of company and society. They are masters of camouflage.

The fox teaches how to grasp concept of unity and how to use this knowledge wisely on all levels. A fox charm is suitable mainly for those who travel a lot.

( )

Fox is a master at the art of camouflage. Like all members of the canine family, they make exceptional parents. The fox's keen sight and hearing make it an excellent predator. Its tail serves as a balancing device when it stands on its hind legs to peer over the tall grass in search of a mouse, gopher, or field rat. It is a survivor, able to exist in the unpopulated countryside. Its ability to be unseen makes it a superb family protector.
Fox medicine involves adaptablility, cunning, observation, integration, and swiftness of thought and action. These traits may also include quick decisiveness, and sure-footedness in the physical world.
The Fox's ability to meld into one's surroundings and be unnotices is a powerful gift when one is observing the activities of others. This allows it to be the protector of the family unit. If danger arises, Fox is johnny-on-the-spot. Great Spirit has honored Fox with the duty of keeping the family together and safe. Fox accomplishes this through the ability to observe undetected, without making others self-conscious. Fox is always concerned with the safety of family members and is an excellent tailsman for those who travel.
If Fox has chosen to share its medicine with you, it is a sign that you are to become like the wind, which is unseen yet is about to weave into and through any location or situation. You would be wise to observe the acts of others rather than their words at this time. Use your cunning nature in a positive way; keep silent about who and what and why you are observing.
Its keen eyesight also has the ability to see movement and objects on the very edges of the field of vision. Those with active fox medicine can often see Spirit, and the beings "between worlds". If this is an ability that you'd like to develop, practice at twilight and call upon fox energy to help you. With fox's super-sensitive hearing, you may also be able to hear Spirit.
It's tail is considered to be one of the most sacred parts of the fox. While the actual body of the fox is very small, the mass of hair that protects it gives the impression of greater bulk. Hair and fur are ancient symbols for energy and fertility. Fox has two kinds of fur, it's short dense undercoat and it's long stiffer guard hairs lying above. For one with fox as a totem, hair is very important. If a change is needed on certain levels, changing the hair to reflect this desire helps to activate fox medicine and it's magic of shape shifting. The changeability of the colors reflects change of the expression of the inner force. A study of colors and their symbology would also be very insightful. In general, the Red Fox is associated with sexual energy, the kundalini, and the freeing of the creative life force.
The ears and tail of the fox have messages for you. The ears help the animal to keep cool in the summer as they expel body heat through the ears. If you're too warm, pull your hair away from your ears; if you're cold, let your hair cover your ears. The tail acts as a portable blanket to keep the nose and feet warm. Do you sleep in socks? Do you always want something on your feet? The tail also says that you have the ability to protect yourself from unpleasant and uncomfortable situations and relationships, and can stay cozy and warm with your own inner strength.
The fox also has a highly developed sense of smell, and you may be very aware of smells, odors, and their subtle differences. And aroma therapy would be a beneficial study for anyone with fox medicine. You are also alert to unpleasant situations and/or danger because something just "doesn't smell right". The study of aromatherapy may be just the thing for you.
Sexually the sense of smell is one of their strongest stimulants which has a big impact on the intensity of arousal for people with fox medicine. Sexual energy is part of the kundalini energy force within our bodies and is our most creative energy. An individual to whom fox comes has a great capacity for sexual expression.
With Fox medicine you know instantly what will happen next. After observing for a while, you will become aware of a certain predictability in given situations and be able to quickly make your move. Fox medicine teaches the art of Oneness through its understanding of camouflage.
Much like the clowns in the rodeo, Fox can keep the raging bull from stampeding a friend or family member. Fox can use silly tactics as a brilliant comouflage move. No one could guess the sly power behind such ingenious maneuvers.

Fox has long been thought of as a nuisance to farmers however the fox is actually a great asset to farmers as the fox consumes a great number of bugs and especially mice and other rodents. Foxes are mostly carnivores (meat-eaters). Most foxes hunt alone. They are nocturnal; they hunt mostly at night. Fox eats small amounts frequently throughout the day which is significant for those with fox as a totem.
The fox has knowledge of underground things hidden from human eyes, and this is shared with the dreamer, telling the dreamer of roots and herbs that are healing and curing; fox shares the powers of swiftness and cleverness as well as gentleness. In this gentleness, there is strength and courage, as indicated by one of the songs of the Fox Society; "I am a Fox. I am supposed to die. If there is anything difficult, if there is anything dangerous, that is mine to do."
Fox is considered to be persistent, yet is gentler and less aggressive than the wolf. Fox teaches us about feminine magic, but this does not imply that it is a totem for women. Rather, both men and women who have the fox as a totem are being told to stay in touch with the feminine side of their personality and character.
If fox shows up in your life it is a sign that you are to be aware of the actions of the world around you. The world is shape shifting and growing into new patterns all the time. Use the art of camouflage and keep cunningly silent about who and what you are observing. After observing for a while you will become aware of certain patterns of predictability in situations and you will know what to do. Fox's medicine of camouflage teaches Oneness with all.
( )
Foxes are highly adaptable creatures who will move into urban surroundings when, their habitat is encroached on by humans. They maintain a territory, but it greatly decreases when they live in urban areas as opposed to hill country. Each territory is kept by one family group, which consists of a dog fox, vixen, and their cubs. If there is a good food supply than the family group can expand to include a few other adults. Nevertheless, only one vixen will produce cubs in the group. As for food, foxes are not too picky eating anything from earthworms, crabs, and fruit to small mammals. They bury the excess prey to eat when the food supply is short.
Fox's clever nature makes it a master of camouflage. When hunted by hounds, Fox will psyche them out by doubling back on its own trail, and run around in circles to break the scent. It has the amazing ability to meld into the background, allowing it to quietly observe the situation around them.
Fox comes to us when we need to slip out of a situation so we can be silent witness to what is really taking place behind the scenes. We need to use our cleverness to our advantage, but we must remember to be discreet. Fox asks us to carefully look at where we are coming from, so we can remember to approach things with a clear conscious.
( )

Fox animal totem and animal symbolism

Overwhelmingly, cultural consensus on fox animal symbolism deals with:
  • cunning
  • strategy
  • quick-thinking
  • adaptability
  • cleverness
  • wisdom
Additional perspectives and cultural viewpoints on the fox animal meanings are as follows:
In China, fox animal symbolism revolved around the afterlife. Lore has it that a fox sighting was thought to be a signal from the spirits of the deceased.
Fox animal symbolism takes a turn of intelligence in the Celtic realm as the Celts believed the fox to be a guide, and was honored for its wisdom. The Celts understood the fox knows the woods intimately, and they would rely upon the fox as their guide in the spirit world.
In Japan, the fox was considered one of the rain spirits, and a messenger of Inari the rice god. Here the fox also symbolizes longevity and protection from evil.
In Native American lore, fox animal symbolism deals with two interpretations. One perspective (Northern tribes) observes the fox as a wise and noble messenger. The other (Plains tribes) views the fox as a trickster playing pranks, or worse - luring one to demise.
Other generalized fox symbolic meanings deal with
  • focus
  • determination
  • right-action
It is noteworthy to observe the fox while it is on the hunt. We see its entire body is pointed like an arrow - straight and tightly aimed. This is a symbolic message for us to set a determined, and powerfully focused mindset in order to "hit the target" of our desires.
The red in the fox is representative of a solar emblem. As a solar emblem the fox animal symbolism deals with:
  • passion
  • desire
  • intensity
  • expression
The fox encourages us to think outside of the box and use our intelligence in different, creative ways. The fox also brings us a message to try to approach our circumstances differently that we normally would. Be aware of some of our habits, and try a different angle of action.
The fox also a reminder that we must utilize all of our resources (seen and unseen) in order to accomplish our goals. Sometimes this means calling upon some unorthodox methods.
Furthermore, the fox is a sign to be mindful of our surroundings.
Immaculate shapeshifters and incredibly adaptable, the fox beckons us to not make too many waves but rather, adapt to our surroundings, blend into it, and use our surroundings (and circumstances) to our advantage.
It should be obvious from this summary that fox animal symbolism goes far beyond what we may see on the surface. On the contrary, the fox has an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom to share with us if/when we are willing to be still for the teachings.
Spend some meditative time with the spirit of the fox - odds are you will be amazed at the powerful insight this regal creature has to offer you.

( )


  1. I very much enjoyed your web page it has given me comfort today. On Tuesday when I got up there was a beautiful red fox sitting at the bottom of my deck, I was surprised to say the least. I have lived on this property in Northern Ontario for over 30 years and never seen a fox. I was only concerned as I had a very old black lab/hound 13 1/2 who I knew was dying. Tanner had a large tumor on his shoulder and we knew soon it would be time for him to go. He was having a harder and harder time getting up, however he was still getting up, drinking, eating and no accidents in the house. We decided as a family as soon as we felt he was in pain we would take him in to the vet. When Tanner saw the fox he started to bark and chased him across the lawn. The fox ran a couple of hundred feet stopped turned around and started howling back towards Tanner. I was stunned I didn't even know foxes made a sound. This went on for several minutes until Tanner lost interest and went back to lay down, the fox also just layed down. On Thursday morning the fox was back just standing at the end of the driveway, Tanner barked for a minute but then turned and walked away, the fox stood for a minute then just walked up the road. On Thursday evening Tanner would not come in the house at 1 am I called and called but he would not come in. As soon as I got into bed I heard Tanner bark when he stopped barking I heard the fox howl. This went on for along time, in fact after 20 minutes or so my daughter got up and drove up the road to try and get Tanner. Sara told me as soon as she got up the road her headlights stopped on Tanner and 2 foxes. Sara said they were sitting a 100 feet apart and it was like they were talking to each other, Tanner would bark the foxes would howl. Sara was scared because she didn't know if the foxes knew Tanner was old and sick and would attack him, finally she got him into the car and back into the house. Friday morning the fox was back at the end of the driveway not the one I had seen on Tuesday or Thursday this was a different fox. It was early about 7am I woke up my son and said come and see this fox. Tanner barked for a minute the fox howled a couple of times and then Tanner scratched at the door to get in. He went and layed in his usual place on the floor. I said Hi Tann how are you, he started to cry. My son looked at me and said "it's time Mom" and I knew he was right. Tanner was put to sleep on Friday at 5:15.

    I have not seen the foxes since, none of us have. No sightings in the morning no howling at night.

    I knew the foxes must have meant something.

    Thank you so much for the affirmation.

    Sandy Mc

  2. What a sad but beautiful experiance.
    I'm SO glad I've been able to help in my own little way.....

    Blessed Be :)

  3. I found out tonight my totum was a fox reading this has helped me a lot.

    thanks josiah

  4. Its interesting, for the longets time i didn't know about totems and their meanings in our lives. About a couple of months ago i discovered the fox to be mine as well, by the help of a good friend. I never had seen one until one day i was jogging in a battle field in Va. with the rest of my platoon. With the corner of my eye i saw one at the bottom of a tree just watching us as we went by. Sometime that same week about the same time i am sure i saw the same fox, especially because i starteled it and it strateled me. It seems i share alot of their natural abilities and everyday i learn even more about them as i progress day after day putting them to practice. Even as a child i did the things fox's are know for and i never knew or understood why. thx

  5. I want to thank you for your site. The story of the foxes and Tanner touched me deeply.

    I'm getting ready to get married in two weeks, and my fiance just attuned me for Kundalini Reiki. We've also started to study auras and auric healing, and are both Leos (fire energy) who share a deep passion for life, our studies (I'm going to school to be a Naturopath), and each other. We both have teenaged sons from our previous marriages. I've had two sightings of red foxes recently. One on my way to work last Friday, in the wee hours of the morning as it just gets light, and one just now in broad daylight with a vixen who was barking and looking for someone. I feel I know now why red fox is appearing so strongly in my life and has chosen to become my totem at this time, and find it interesting that she's announced her presence so strongly.

    Thank you for your beautiful site.
    ~Vivien Sorcha

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  8. At a time of extreme turmoil in my life, a fox appeared to me while I was walking my dogs one night (actually just a few nights ago, August 9th, which was also a new moon if that's relevant. Also my husband's birthday, and he was the root of much of my troubles). It wasn't afraid, just sat and watched us for several minutes, then actually laid down and watched, then sat again, then casually walked away into the woods. I should note that I live in a suburban neighborhood in Northern Virginia, and have never seen a fox before.

    Reading everything here has given me some great insight about what all this could mean, thank you!

    As a side note, I also collect dolls (BJD's), and have three fox dolls, a mother and two cubs.

    ~Jennifer Redmiles

  9. I was at college today and around midnight i took a break from studying... I walked outside with my friend and we split up for a minute and while i was alone a fox emerged out of a bush. she walked across in front of me very closely and as she walked we made eye contact that seemed to last for a long time. I cant seem to think what this means, but i felt so stange and connected to this fox, yet i wonder why it chose to show itself to me? I can only imagine the message it is telling/showing me...

  10. I attended a funeral with graveside services for my sister Donnas husband a few days ago. I was in a car with another sister, Kay and we drove by the cemetary on the way out of town ( a small country community in upstate New york) As we drove by I looked toward the gravesite and saw a most beautiful red fox standing. I said something to Kay and she saw it too. When I arrived back at my Donnas house she shared a card that my daughter had mailed to her( my daughter lives seperate from me) on the cover was a red fox. I was so taken by this I am sure the fox sighting was a sign from my departed family members all buried in that cemetary. As a child 55 years ago I helped my uncle in the very same cemetary keep up the grounds. Larry Preston

  11. I am a watercolour artist and when I am painting skies, occasionally the face of a fox shows up in the sky. I don't notice this until the painting is finished. It is usually quite large and very noticeable to observers and I often wondered what the significance was. Thank you for your insight.

  12. Lost the post with a login error, so I will repeat the story again...

    The Fox and the Fly:

    I saw a blue tail red fox at the Dead Woman Park Wilderness Area in Northern Upper Lower Michigan. I took a picture of nature, the great outdoors, and caught the elusive Dead Woman's Park Fly. The fox saw this and asked me if I wanted to play all day. She heard my whistle, her ears twitched, and after that I followed the fox all day, talking softly. The fox said the flies were biting her ass, and that she needed some helped finishing the kits cause they were sick. I said I am here for flowers and bugs, not your bitten ass, fox, I just want my ranger job back. I'd be glad to play all day, everyday, looking at bugs, birds, and trees with you and if I had my DNR job back I certainly could get rid of all the biting flies at the beach, as well as your park, which I had this done before with simple, natural methods in one location, not the whole beach, just a fun place. And I did too, the biting beach flies were gone and all the lovely ladies took their bikinis off. There were only 98 flies. Then I told the fox to git b/4 I called a bald eagle golden on her ass, because the red fox is considered an invasive species by the DNR and I just collect bugs and flowers, the Dead Woman Wilderness Park rose and the Dead Woman Park Fly. I don't have time to talk to foxes.

  13. I saw 4 foxes in one day. One dead. Im going through a very emotionally stressful time and couldn't help but feel their sightings had a meaning for me.
    Id been to visit a close best friend when I saw the dead fox. Later on my way to see someone who has caused me very mixed emotions I saw one and during our time together we saw two!
    Was very strange!