Monday, 26 October 2009

Poor Gingey

My poor Ginge hasn't been well.

He had a MASSIVE abscess on his cheek. It looked like someone cut a tennis ball in half & stuck it on his face, I couldn't help but nickname him The Elephant Cat for a few days!
Anyway the first day I realised he had the abscess I took him to the vets (thanks to my fella for the lift) & after having his cheek pierced, started to develop a huge scab.
I on the other hand developed an even smaller bank account!!! (Is it just me or do you feel vets take the piss with their fees too?)

A few days alter, some antibiotics & a lot of sleeping (even for Ginge) later came the yucky bit,....the abscess emptying....ERGH!!!!! :S
It was NOT a pretty sight or fun to clean, but at least it's out so it can heal. It was really painful for him too, as he was hissing at me whenever I tried to clean him. & every time he tried to clean himself over the abscess he would meow & shake his head.

He has had problems keeping his food down too, probably because of the amount of gunk he cleaned off himself!

The scab came off today.....poor little fella looks like he's been in the wars! It looks SO raw :( But he's a lot happier. No more scratching every five minutes (the scab must of itched) & he's not sleeping so much, back to the usual 22 hours a day :P

He's also on my lap all the time again & chatty as before (ie not shutting up & annoying me like hell) so he's obviously over the worst. YEY!!! :D He may drive me nuts at times, but I love him to bits!!! Ginge not chatting away just isn't Ginge!
So pretty much everything else has gone on the back burner while I've been keeping an eye on him, except for uni work of course....I've just been researching on the web so I can stay at home for him.
I now need to clean the sofa cover where he was sleeping when the abscess leaked a little (ewww) & his cushion covers.

Jeez I spoil that cat!


  1. The poor thing! That was huge and it looks so painful!
    I know how you feel. My cat had something to her leg, which she was treated for a billion times and by a billion doctors which of course made me broke. She still has that thing and noone can say what it is! It is not painful for her but my obsession with fixing it made me poor!
    Blessings and healing thoughts to Gingey..

  2. Thanks!
    He's doing much better....
    I think I'ver been more concerned & bothered about it tha Ginge!!! LOL!
    Must be a cat owner thing! LOL

  3. Hello , I found your blog over at Aprils.
    Oh poor baby, I hope he is feeling better.
    Bless his heart.

  4. Thanks Renee!
    He's doing MUCH better. His fur is starting to grow back now! Yey!
    Personnaly I think he's LOVED the extra fussing over him! Typical guy huh! LOL