Monday, 18 May 2009

Putty Cats & Photoshop

My modem is playing up :(

According to the help line guy, there's a lot of noise on my line (whatever the heck that is!). The next free day for me is Thursday afternoon, so until then I keep loosing then finding connection, only to loose it again. Very frustrating....specially when mid-chat on MSN!

Anyway, while my connection was down earlier I had a play with photoshop. It's been AGES since I did any photoshop. I got bored of altering photos of myself so stopped. Maybe I'll catch a few pictures of my fella or take some land/townscapes & play with them.


For T. This is what happens when you make a soppy romantic fall head over heels in love!!! So I'm blaiming him :P

"A Fairytale Dream."

I think it's interesting how two very different feeling images can come from two photos taken at the same time.....

I also had a visitor again last night....

He made himself right at home, & went to sleep on my lap! Ain't he cute! You have to giggle at the cheekiness of ginger tom cats! ^___^
However he may be cute , but he'll never be as handsome as my Ginge!! But maybe I'm being biased!


  1. I love your photographs!!!!

  2. not enought p ussy

  3. Thanks Steph. Glad you like them.

    Anon - Oooooo such originality & balls to add an anonymous comment like that! *Yawn*