Monday, 27 April 2009

A New Friend

I met a new friend last night.

I was calling my cat, Ginge, in for the night (yes I know mosr people put them out at night.....) when this little fella decided to have a nose around my flat. Ginge came in a minute or two later & didn't bat an eyelid at him, just went straight to his food bowl.....I don't expect anything else from Ginge!

Isn't he a cutie!
Of course I only let him have a quick look around, I didn't want to keep him in incase his owners were looking for him.
He makes Ginge look HUGE!!!
I would love to have another cat, but I can't afford to (not to my standard of spoiling anyway), but it was nice to have a quick visit!


  1. it's so nice you let your children bring their friends home!

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    i think you will like it!

  2. Heh.. that's exactly how I ended up with a second cat! I let mine in one night (I bring them inside at night too.. that's when foxes & coyotes hunt!!) and a second kitty followed right inside. He's been with us for a few weeks now.. we think someone dumped him.